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5 Sexy Gift Ideas That Will Get You Laid


You don’t ALWAYS have to say the right thing…seduce her with a sexy stare…or tickle her tastebuds with ‘aphrodisiac foods’…

…to get in a woman’s panties!

Sure all these things work—along with proven arousal techniques, killer confidence, and flirtatious touching.

But sometimes you just don’t have the time or energy to go through a lengthy seduction ritual…

And that’s when a small, yet thoughtfulgift, can come in very handy;)

You see, it’s not that girls are shallow and just want you to give them stuff…

However, showing that you appreciate her—and pay attention to stuff she likes—every now and then…

…can trigger INSTANT horniness in any woman!

Which makes gift-giving one of the fastest and easiest ways for YOU to get laid.

Of course, you can’t just give her any old thing.

Your present doesn’t have to be expensive, but it does need to be special in order to turn her on.

In fact some gifts that guys THINK their woman will love…

…can actually backfire…

…and make her angry instead of wet!

So since the holidays are coming up, I thought now would be a good time to reveal which gifts are proven panty-droppers…

And which gifts will leave you likely leave you with a case of blue balls.

Let’s start with the 5 biggest gift-giving DON’Ts

1. Gift cards

Even if the card can be used at her favorite store in the world and has a MILLION dollars on it…it’s not gonna turn her on.

Sure, she’ll take it—and use it—but a gift card (or gift certificate) is way too impersonal to be sexy.

If fact, it’s kind of like saying “hey, I didn’t want to put a lot of time or thought into this, so here’s some money…now YOU do the work.”

Even worse, a gift card automatically makes women think you don’t know what they like, want, and/or need…

…because OBVIOUSLY you haven’t been listening to her.

And guys who don’t pay attention (or even give their lady reason to believe they don’t pay attention) don’t get laid.

They get dumped!

2. Lingerie

Victoria’s Secret and other bra-n-panty brands have done a good job convincing guys that lingerie is sexy, romantic present that every woman will be thrilled by.

But that’s sooooooo NOT TRUE—so stop falling for it!

Lingerie is probably the WORST present you can give a women…

…and it’s pretty much the fastest way to a long, sex-free dry-spell.

Can you guess why? It’s not hard…

Giving a girl something to make her “sexier” tells her you don’t think she’s sexy enough!

And if you want to get a woman naked, the LAST thing you want to do is make her feel insecure or inadequate.

Before long she’ll be freaking about her “lack of sex appeal”—are her thighs too big? Are her tits too small? Is her cellulite distracting?

And what you thought would be a fun, naughty present…

…will actually be the reason your girl never lets you see her naked again!

3. Cooking/kitchen ware

Lots of women LOVE to cook—like me, for example;)

However, even if cooking is your girl’s #1 hobby…

…a fancy new pot, pan, set of knives, kitchen gadget, etc. simply ISN’T romantic.

Even if you get her that ceramic baking dish she’s been talking about for months…

Best case scenario: She’ll appreciate it, but the thought of sex won’t even cross her mind when she sees it…because, why would it? After all, useful doesn’t equal sexy.

Worst case scenario: She’ll assume you’re saying that a woman “belongs in the kitchen” and get mad (yes, even if she enjoys being in the kitchen—we can be confusing, I know).

Or she’ll think that your present implies you don’t like her cooking—and are hoping a new gadget will make it more palatable.

Either way, you won’t be knocking boots that night for sure.

4. Clothes

Unless you’re a professional stylist and have your girl’s exact measurements on file…

Don’t try to shop for her!

Actually, even if you are a professional stylist and know her size, as well as her taste, perfectly…still don’t do it.

Clothing implies that you want her to change—and could even plant the idea that maybe your ex, or hot co-worker, or secret mistress wears these things…

…and you want her to be more like that other woman you’re obviously interested in—and probably already f*cking on the side!

Sorry, that’s just how our minds work sometimes:-/

Plus, odds are you don’t actually know her size or taste in clothes…

So why get her thinking about when and where she can return or exchange it…

…when you want her thinking about your cock?

5. A cheaper version of something expensive

If your girl likes diamonds, don’t get her cubic zirconia. She’ll know.

If she has her eye on a designer handbag, don’t get her the knockoff version of it. She’ll DEFINITELY know.

If she likes champagne, don’t buy sparkling wine.

You get the idea.

It makes you look cheap AND it’s insulting to her.

I mean, how would YOU feel if you got Filet O’Fish when you wanted filet mignon? Disappointed, right?

So if a night of passion is what you’re after…

…it’s probably not a good idea to get her thinking about other way in which you could potentially disappoint.

Okay, now that we got the mistakes out of the way…

It’s time to talk about the 5 gifts that WILL help you get lucky!

1. Flowers

Some guys think it’s ‘cheesy’ to give flowers…

…or that flowers aren’t ‘expensive’ enough to really impress a girl.

But they’re wrong.

Flowers are sweet, they show that you care, and they’re guaranteed to make any woman MELT!

And the fact that you don’t have to spend a lot on a nice bouquet is a BONUS—not a downside.

Because even some hand-picked daisies will get your girl feeling very amorous;)

2. Something homemade

Again, this is a gift that doesn’t have to cost a lot—or even any—money…

But just knowing that you took the time to make something special…something JUST for her…

…goes a long, long way.

In fact, a thoughtful homemade present is a guaranteed to take you straight inside her wet-with-gratitude pussy.

Even if it’s a spice-rack (yes, if it’s homemade the ‘no kitchen ware’ rule doesn’t apply)…

Or a framed photo of you and her.

Or a picture you painted.

Or a song you wrote.

Or whatever.

As long as you made it, she’ll be turned on by your creativity (girls love creative men)…

And she’ll appreciate the effort so much, you can be sure she’ll want to return the favor…

…by putting in a little extra effort in bed!

Trust me, a homemade gift for her is a gift you give to yourself;)

3. Art

As I just mentioned, women like to see that you have a creative, artsy side…

It’s why girls go for musicians, actors, painters, and so forth.

But even if you don’t have these talents yourself, you can still have that artsy sex-appeal…

…simply by showing her that youappreciate the creativity of others and have excellent taste.

You can do this with a painting, or even a nice print, that she would enjoy having on the wall.

Of course it can also be a sculpture, a vase, or an artisan-crafted piece of jewelry.

As long as it’s unique or one-of-a-kind, it’ll make her feel special and one-of-a-kind…

And feeling special never fails to make girls horny.

4. A sex toy

Lingerie tells a woman she needs to be sexier…

But sex toys tell her that you feel such an intense sexual connection with her, that she makes you want to explore it deeper and deeper…

That she makes you more adventurous than any one has before…

And that you’re always thinking about new sensations the two of you can share.

Just make sure you choose a toy that you know won’t be too far outside her sexual comfort zone—especially if you haven’t used sex toys in the past—or else this gift will definitely backfire…

But as long as you hit the right level of “kink” (every woman is different, so keep her specific sexual preferences in mind when making your purchase)…

…a surprise sex toy is sure to excite and arouse.

Plus—it’s literally IMPOSSIBLE for this kind of gift to not lead to immediate sexual activity!

5. A shared experience

For women, a relationship loses its spark when the following things happen:

1. Your sex-life starts to dwindle

2. You stop doing fun things together

Now I’ve given you lots of ways to keep the sex hot, but now it’s time to make sure you’re neglecting the “shared experience” factor…

Because it’s very important!

You see, doing things together makes girls feel like the relationship is still fresh, fun, and romantic…

And freshness, fun, and romance happen to be 3 proven ways to trigger sexual arousal.

So giving her the gift of a shared experience every so often is not only encouraged—it’s NECESSARY.

It can be in the form of:

*Tickets to see a concert, or play…or a special event (like a special-interest convention, new museum exhibition, etc).

*Reservations for a UNIQUE dining experience…like wine tasting.

*Booking a class you can take together—like cooking, dancing, painting, and so on).

*A weekend getaway

Or you can go big and plan a a whole vacation…

Because not only will she strip down when you first tell her about it—you’ll always be getting laid pretty much every day of the trip.

After all, nothing is hotter than vacation sex;)

Okay, now that you know the dos and don’ts of gifts that get you laid…

It’s time to start planning your presents…or not!

Because a lot of these gifts are a great, last-minute way to guarantee that you definitely WON’T be getting rejected on night’s you go home feeling…especially horny;)

And let me know what you think of these suggestions?

Do you have a sexy go-to gift that isn’t on this list—but works every time?

If so, let me know what it is…I’m always inspired by your ideas!




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