This Is Your Body on Sleep Deprivation

Sleep is important, we all know that by now, but sometimes we still need to sacrifice it to get something done. If we could function all day everyday and never sleep, all of us would likely take that route, but for now we have to settle with getting the required shut-eye each night if we want to maintain a reasonable level of mental and physical ability.

Just why we need so much sleep is not yet known, scientists have theories and there is plenty of studies displaying the negative effects, yet the true nature of sleep alludes us. What’s well known are the many ways sleep deprivation affects our minds and bodies, in short lengths we can survive and function, but extended time frames can wreck us. The huffington Post has more:

1. Your brain: If you’re sleep deprived, your mind slows down. A lot. Be prepared that the quality of your work may slide without rest. “There’s a reduction in the ability to concentrate, to make critical decisions and process information,” says Maas. “Memory is also affected — sleepy people are often forgetful too,” says Dr. Neil Kline, a representative for the American Sleep Association. It also becomes more difficult to take in new information, speak or write well and to think creatively. “Basically, you don’t have your A-game with you,” says Maas.

We all know the feeling, unfortunately this is only one way our abilities are sacrificed. Check out the other post for more, including how your workout and immune system are effected.

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