Three easy ways to improve your posture right now

Make yourself appear more attractive in an instant

Looking good is not just about what you wear or how you have styled yourself. Half of the battle is having good posture and carrying yourself in such a way that you look and feel confident and attractive. Posture is possibly even more important than being blessed with a charming face. The great news is that your posture is something that you can change with a little bit of effort- nothing is left to chance.

Most people slump without even realising it. It becomes more comfortable to hunch your back, especially if you spend a lot of your time on the computer. Maintaining correct posture is something you must consciously decide to do, and a lot of it comes down to making wise choices, such as not sitting in a chair all day, doing a lot of walking to help your body find its natural positioning, and developing your core muscles so they can hold you up straight.

Fostering good habits is important and can involve a lot of self-discipline. In the meantime, here are three quick and easy ways to encourage your body to position itself properly.

Look ahead

Do your eyes naturally settle on the ground? When you look downwards, you may find yourself pulling your head and shoulders forwards. This is problematic if you are doing it all the time. Make a conscious choice to look ahead, rather than downwards, as your default position. You can train yourself to think of rolling your shoulders back to their proper position whenever you catch yourself making eyes with the ground. If you are a frequent computer user, it is essential to have the screen at a height where it is directly at eye level, or you will be sitting all day with your head and maybe even your shoulders pulled forwards.

Suck your belly in

Using your stomach muscles to pull in your belly will have your back and chest looking their best. This tall and proud posture makes you look healthy and more muscular. You may not even have much of a belly to speak of, but you will still see a vast improvement in your deportment with a sucked in stomach.

Sleep on your side

Working on your posture is so easy, you can do it in your sleep! Sleeping on your side, as most people are naturally inclined to do, is actually great for your back. Sleeping on your back, so your spine is supported, also promotes good posture. The idea is to sleep in such a way that your lower back is supported and retains its natural slight curve. As you may have guessed, this means that sleeping on your stomach is awful for your back, as it flattens out that bend. This may not only give you pain during your waking hours, but may also result in changing the degree of curvature in your lower back. So tonight when you get into bed, spend a second evaluating your sleeping position and, if necessary, change to something that will be less harsh on your lower back.


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