Amazing Holiday Fitness Gifts for Last Minute Shoppers – Part I

Christmas is pretty much here and if you are anything like me, you haven?t even begun shopping for gifts yet. There is no need to panic though, if you?ve got a decent budget and there is someone on your list who could use some fitness equipment there are plenty of great gifts that you probably still have time to grab before the holiday arrives.

Weighted Vest

Alright, alright, alright

A weighted vest is a great addition to any home gym. You can use a weighted vest make movements like push ups, pull ups and dips much more intense and effective or you can wear it to turn a simple walk around the track into a resistance training session.

High quality vests can be found through companies like Mir, Hyper Wear and Z Fitness with prices ranging from about $150 up to $200 or more. Many are completely adjustable up to forty, sixty or even a hundred pounds in small increments so it?s a piece of equipment that will work for all fitness levels and that will grow with the trainee as they become stronger and more fit.

Adjustable Dumbbells

A good set of adjustable dumbbells can provide all of the resistance needed to perform just about any strength training move from curls and lateral raises to overhead presses and bent over rows.? A brand new set of adjustables from Powerblock or Ironmaster will probably cost five hundred dollars or more, but having them is like having a full commercial gym full of dumbbells that store neatly and easily in the corner of any room.

If you?ve got someone who is serious about strength training on your list that lives in a small apartment, a set of adjustable dumbbells could be the perfect gift.

Adjustable Kettlebell

Kettlebells are an awesome training tool for building muscle, shredding fat and creating explosive strength, but investing in a bunch of single kettlebells of varying weights would not only be very expensive it would also take up quite a bit of space.? Heavy duty kettlebell handles from Iron Woody and Kettlestack fit standard one inch weight plates that can be purchased at just about any sporting goods store and are easily adjustable to fit the needs of anyone from a brand new trainee to an avid strength athlete.

The loadable handles mentioned above cost in the neighborhood of sixty dollars (plus the cost of the weight plates if your intended recipient hasn?t already got them), or you can opt to get a unit that comes complete with weights, like the Powerbell from Weider which will cost you somewhere around two hundred dollars.

Suspension Trainer

Suspension trainers are total body training tools that you can use pretty much anywhere you?ve got a place to mount them.? Most will work in a door frame, on a sturdy pull up bar or on a piece of playground equipment and they provide an incredible alternative to a traditional gym workout.

TRX is probably the most recognized name in suspension trainers and they make a good quality, highly versatile product for right around one hundred and fifty dollars.

A High Quality Ab Wheel

Ab roller

Forget about the Ab-Doer, the Bean or the Situation?s workout video ? if you?ve got someone on your list that wants something to help them build awesome abs, you need to get them a good ab wheel.? Lifeline USA makes the Power Wheel II which costs between fifty and sixty dollars and is the most versatile and best quality wheel around.

You can use the Power Wheel II as you would any other ab wheel or you can use the foot straps to work your abs from an entirely different angle.? Anyone looking to crank up the intensity to their core workouts to produce results as fast as possible will be hooked on the Power Wheel II from the first time they lay their hands on it.

Any of these fitness gifts would be an incredible choice, but I understand that they might be a bit out of some people?s price range.? If you?ve got someone you still need to shop for, but want some more affordable selections ? stay tuned for Amazing Holiday Gifts part II.

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