Integrity: A Trigger For Attraction

There are two clear triggers that attract women. The first is being happy with yourself and your life. The second is integrity. Beyond that it?s just a matter of breaking the ice and having a conversation. If you can get these two aspects of your life handled, women will practically throw themselves at you when you talk to them.

Thing is, they are the same thing. In fact, the second trigger creates the first. When you have integrity, you will be happy with yourself. When a man has no integrity, he gets depressed and hates himself. So let?s focus on integrity.

Clarity on your BS

How do you lie to yourself, on a daily basis? Do you tell yourself that you will get on a diet soon, while you eat junk food? Do you drink too much and say that you will sober up when you get a new job? Do you pretend to like the personalities of pretty women, and ignore less attractive women? Do you avoid approaching women by assuming they are taken?

We all lie to ourselves to a degree, but the goal – and it?s a process, not an endpoint – is to move towards truth. Be honest – how do you lie to yourself, to stop yourself from being yourself.

Why BS?


Why are you lying? What are you scared of? I don?t have much to say on fear, because fear is an emotion and it makes no logical sense. If someone is coming to kill you that?s one thing, but worrying is useless and a total waste of your mental energy and time.

The only way to conquer fear is to see and accept what you fear. Ultimately you?ll see that fear itself is the enemy. Everyone fails and embarrasses themselves. Success requires failure.


Real success requires lots of failures. Each failure is a step towards success. There?s no way to predict how many more steps it will take, but it will be more. So hurry up and get started!

What Do You Value?


The Most Interesting Man in the World knows integrity

What is success to you? Don?t answer in terms of things. When a client tells me his success depends on being able to buy things, I know why he has struggled with women. He doesn?t think about his own growth, just getting things. I?ll keep saying it until the day I die: women are attracted to how you think, not what you have.


What kind of man do you want to be? Here?s an exercise. Picture your tombstone: your name, your dates of birth and death, and then three words. What three words will they be? What do you want to leave for the future?

Do One Thing

Think about each value you listed (three is a good number, but it can be more or less). What is one step you can take tomorrow to move towards embodying that value?

Now what I want you to do is? talk to women about that step, and then elaborate on it by talking about the value behind it. Here?s an example:

?I just took up pilates because I want to be stronger and more balanced. I meet a lot of clients in person, and I like to have a strong presence. Part of that comes from having great posture and body language. When clients meet me, I want them to feel my presence. When I make a great deal, I make money, and that allows me to give back to my community. That?s what is most important to me – doing my best so that I can help others.?

When you can talk like this, you?ll notice that you are able to communicate better with women because this is how women think and talk. Women are mirrors for your manhood. The more integrity you have – the stronger and straighter your thrust – the more open and receptive women are to you. Your integrity makes her wet!

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