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How To Stay True To Yourself

A lot of guys think that they need to fit into a certain archetype to be attractive, but being authentic is more important.

Other than the fact that it’s incredibly difficult and stressful to maintain some kind of false personality to try and pick up girls, women can always see right through a phoney guy.

Of course, women want confident guys. But what makes being confident easy is when you can be comfortable, and there?s nothing more comfortable than being yourself.

Nobody is saying you shouldn?t put your best foot forward, but you?ll be a much happier and more attractive person if you follow a few easy principals and stay true to yourself.


Don?t compromise your beliefs.

So many guys believe that they need to agree with everything a girl says, change their opinion to match hers or even apologize for simply being the way they are.

Now, apologizing for a sincere offense is a courageous, proper thing to do. But letting people bend you to their will is not a masculine trait. It makes you look like a guy without much of a spine.

Women want a strong leader. Even if they don?t agree with a guy, they?d rather have a guy who sticks to his guns.

A strong willed guy is a guy with conviction, confidence and sincerity.


Don?t boast or brag.

Blowing yourself up is the exact same as acting desperate. In fact it is looking desperate.

Self-inflation screams, ?I know I?m not good enough for you.?

It?s fine to be proud of yourself. A healthy amount of pride is a sign of confidence. But if you?re going overboard and obviously trying to impress a girl, she?ll be able to tell, and she?ll move on to a?guy who doesn?t need her approval.


Go after your type.

You know what?s a sincere deal breaker for me? Girls who are Taylor Swift fans. I?d never date one, because she?s not my type.

Could I maybe flirt my head off and go home with a Taylor Swift fan? Sure. But I?d really just be pretending to be somebody I?m not, and let?s face it, I would have much rather gone home with her friend who?s the Death from Above 1979 fan.

So for one, going after your type will always make you happier. Let?s face it, good company is hard to find.

Your type is?also easier to flirt with, easier to be yourself around, it gives you more to talk about and, here?s the real kicker, your type will?be more attracted to you because you?ll seem rare and different to them.

More than anything, when you go after your type, girls know that you?re talking to them because you?re interested in them specifically, not just any girl.

Wanting any girl is desperate, but a real man knows what he wants.

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About David Maitland David Maitland is a writer living in Vancouver, Canada.

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