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How To Date Amazing Women When You’re Broke

You Don?t Need Money To Date Amazing Women, You Just Need To Focus On The Right Things

Not long ago, I was earning next to no money, living with my parents, could barely pay my phone bill, was a few hundred deep into my overdraft, and had long since kissed away my office job.

By all accounts, things were bleak. And as far as a description of an attractive man goes? I didn?t cut it.

I was what most people would call ?a loser.?

But during this time I not only dated women regularly, I dated some of the most attractive women I?ve ever been with. Hell, one of them had been featured as a topless model in a lads mag.

These women were stunning, and better yet, they were really into me. One even paid for a hotel room to take me back to. On multiple occasions.

These things shouldn?t have been happening.

But they were.

My life may have been upside down, but my dating life was on point.

Why was this?

Well, it?s because when it comes to women, being broke is actually kind of a good thing.

Let me explain?

The reality of being broke and dating women

Here?s what being broke changes when it comes to women:

Very little.

What changes:

Your logistics change and in many cases become harder. This is a drag, as it?ll kill your chances of having sex faster than most things, which can be irritating for both of you, but if you follow the advice in this guide that shouldn?t be a persistent issue.

As most people live with their parents when they’re broke, you’re either not going to want to bring her back to yours, or she straight up isn?t going to want to go. This leaves your options as going back to hers, in most cases.

What else changes? ? Not a lot else. You can?t date gold-diggers. That?s about it.

What stays the same?

Approaching, escalating, taking care of yourself, having fun, flirting?

Aka everything that matters when it comes to picking up and dating women.

Anything you need to become successful with women can be practiced and experienced while being broke. There is literally no excuse.

Why being broke is in some ways better than rolling in cash?

Here?s what I learned when I was broke:

When it comes to ?learning game? it?s actually better to be broke.


Because it?s so much harder to pave over the cracks in your game with money. You can?t pay your way to fun, and you can?t pay to impress her.

You are forced to rely on your personality to both GET and HAVE amazing dates.

You can?t buy your way through them, you have to rely on who you are.

That?s a good thing.

You learn what good game is 1000x times faster than normal, and you realize how little you need to be successful with women.

But women only care about money!!!!? Right?

Some do, sure. But in my experience, not many give that much of a shit about it.

They care far, far more about whether you?re tall and good looking.

Okay, that was a joke. They don?t actually care that much about that either. Those things are just icing on the cake.

Here?s what I teach each and every one of my students:

Women care far, far more about how you make them FEEL than anything else.

If you?re broke, short, and below average in looks, but if you make them feel incredible emotions around you, you?ll do incredible with women.

Don?t believe me?

Ask yourself this:

If a tall, good looking rich guy made the women he dated bored shitless and sexually uncomfortable – would he do well with women?

Or would a short, below average looks, broke guy who made them laugh, feel comfortable and connected, and aroused by his sexual confidence do better?

Yeah, the last guy would.

Where your focus should be:

Emotions, emotions, emotions.

Emotions are everything when it comes to dating. Not your clothes. Not your pickup tactics and techniques. And not the size of your wallet.

This breaks down in a couple of ways:

1) The connection between you. What is she feeling? What are you feeling? Are you sharing it? This is mainly born out of your honesty, vulnerability, and conversational skills.

2) The sexual connection between you. Is she aroused? Are you aroused? What are you doing about it? This is mainly born out of your sexual confidence and your ability to make a move.

3) What kind of experiences are you sharing? Are they new? Are they fun? This is mainly born out of your spontaneity, playfulness, and sense of humor.

You want to be moving towards feelings of connection and arousal while doing something new and fun.

But how do you do that when you have very little cash?

#1 Secret About Money You Will Ever Learn

Meeting women when broke

Keep this as simple as possible. Don’t overcomplicate it.

If it’s free, and there are women there… Go there.

For example:

It costs nothing to approach women during the day.?Not a cent.

Tinder is also free, aside from the price of an internet connection.

Bars and clubs that don?t charge are cover are excellent provided you go out sober.

Yes, you will have to approach. But if you can manage that, you’ll be fine.

Where to go on great dates:

Here are some incredibly low-cost venues you can take women for great dates:


The bread and butter of cheap dates are parks.

Parks are chilled, typically have something going on, and have an inherently romantic vibe (thanks to romcoms and chick flicks).

All you want to do is go for a walk together, connect, banter a little bit, and do some mild escalation. Hit up a park bench to get a little closer and make things more intimate (but not that intimate).

Every city has great parks, but pick the one near other spots, because you?re going to want to bounce to some of the other places on this list.

Farmers market/flea market

Farmers markets and flea markets are incredibly cheap and can be a lot of fun. There?s always weird or interesting things being sold there that you can either look at (flea market) or eat (farmers market) for free.

A good example of this is Camden in London. Always filled with random stuff being sold, and plenty of weird things to explore together.

Play board games

A cozy bar or pub will have a stack of board games stashed away. Scope this out beforehand. Then crack out a set of Connect 4 and have a laugh playing each other.

To completely dominate her at it, make sure you stick to the middle columns early on. Or, playfully lose. Your choice.


The vast majority of museums are either free or cost next to nothing.

And that?s not even the best part.

The best part is they?re all completely awesome.

Oldass art or giant T-rex skeletons? These things are a goldmine for taking women on dates.

You can talk about what art you both like, argue about which dinosaur is better or make puns under the blue whale skeleton about how you?re having a whale of a time.

Go nuts.

These places are a really good place to build comfort and connection between the two of you. Wear your interests on your sleeve and explain why you’re passionate about them.

City Walks

One of the final things you can do is go on a city walk. This is as simple as saying ?let?s explore? and then you do exactly that.

Cities, provided you?re not in the dangerous part, are filled with quirky shops and cool spots that you?d otherwise never come across.

Experiencing these together is a great way to build a bond through shared experiences, while also connecting over the city you (presumably) both live in.

Cook fajitas

If you?re following the above advice, you?ll probably both be having a good time.

My advice?

Go back to her place and make fajitas.

Why her place? Well, you?re broke as I?m assuming you live with your parents.

And why fajitas? Aside from being delicious and relatively cheap, they have multiple parts to cook/construct so they make for a great food to cook and eat together.

How to do this:

Say, ?let?s go back to yours and make fajitas.?

Simple as that.

Netflix and chill

If you aren?t in the eating mood, or you?re looking for something to do afterward.

Chill and watch Netflix with her. Not only is this super-cheap, and super chilled, it?s also (and this is why it has its reputation) a great time to escalate. I mean, it?s just the two of you in a flat. Put the moves on her and see if she?s keen.


If you follow those steps you?ll end up having a great date for next to nothing. You?ll be connected both emotionally and sexually, you?ll have had fun, and you?ll have seen and done some cool shit.

But the best part is you did it entirely off the back of your personality.

Which is all you?ll ever need.

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