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    Day Game Q & A- With Pickup Artist Soul

    img Posted January 23, 2009

    Interview with Soul on Day Game We got a handful of questions back about the latest day game video, and day game in general. Most of them were similiar so I condensed them into fiv ...


    Street Approach and Pickup Video

    img Posted January 15, 2009

    Live Day Time/Day Game Street Pickup Video In an earlier article we talked about using kino to escalate the conversation forward.  This video gives an example of a conversation be ...


    Day Game Analysis Video With PUAs Soul and Vercetti

    img Posted January 8, 2009

    Soul’s New Day Game Video Soul is really making a name for himself in the day game department. He is going to be in NYC next month giving a seminar on day game, and I’m ...


    How to Make a Direct Opener Work

    img Posted December 16, 2008

    How to Use a Direct Opener A direct opener is a way of starting a conversation with a woman in which you express immediate interest in a woman and an”indirect opener” i ...


    Soul’s Day Game Video

    img Posted December 12, 2008

    Like we said in our recent Top 10 PUAs of 2008 post… Soul will be a guy to look out for in 2009! This is a day game video of Soul in action. I thought he did a really good jo ...


    How to Pick Up Girls on the Street

    img Posted December 9, 2008

    How to Meet Girls Walking Down the Street Picking up girls on the street is easier than you think. The first thought that comes to your mind may be, “Girls don’t feel c ...


    New Day Game Video

    img Posted November 18, 2008

    This is a new day game video from the guys at Pua Training. The instructor in this video isn’t incredibly impressive, but I imagine that this is more realistic display of how ...


    Day Game Street Pickups

    img Posted October 30, 2008

    I just found this fairly new video on day game.  Being that I have absolutely no skill in day game, I am always amazed to watch guys cold approach women on the street. Day game re ...


    Hitting on Girls in the Park

    img Posted August 11, 2008

    Here is a new video from the guys at Succeed at Dating. Alex and company always put out enjoyable videos to watch that show some skilled pickups. Many guys seem to have a road bloc ...


    Some Links Before I leave…

    img Posted November 8, 2007

    By the time you read this I will most likely be boarding my plane to the Promised Land….or should I say Brazil.  I’m not really up for writing a post before I leave ...

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