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    Selling the Sizzle

    img Posted December 8, 2008

    Sell the Sizzle Not the Steak As some of you know I’ve been writing a lot of posts lately where I’ve related some tested sales and marketing techniques to the realm of ...


    Shadow Boxing for Frame Control

    img Posted November 26, 2008

    Last week I wrote a post talking about what I believe is the number one reason many guys never become successful at picking up women. The reason, in my opinion, many guys never get ...


    The Psychology of Seduction

    img Posted November 24, 2008

    How to use Robert Cialdini’s Six Weapons of?Influence?to Seduce Women ...


    Zero Resistance Seducing

    img Posted November 21, 2008

    More evidence that sales and seduction are completely similar. The last couple days I’ve been talking about a book called Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. I wrote one pos ...


    The Leader

    img Posted November 20, 2008

    Listen man… There’s a difference between the guy who jumps around acting drunk all night and the guy who ends up between the sheets with the hot girl from the volleybal ...


    The #1 Reason Most Guys Never Become Successful at Pickup

    img Posted November 19, 2008

    Last month at the Super Conference, Mike Stoute and I had the opportunity to interview most of the Love Systems instructors. One of the questions that we asked them was “What ...


    How Women Think

    img Posted November 17, 2008

    The average guy who hits on a girl is boring. He is generally talking about himself most of the time, or asking her flat dry questions that elicit no emotional response. If you wan ...


    Advanced Pickup Techniques: Value Calibration

    img Posted November 13, 2008

    Value Calibration in Pickup I once approached a girl a couple girls standing who were standing together at a frat party I was at. The girls were incredibly hot, so I went with high ...


    Tenmagnet and Cajun Pick-up Classics

    img Posted November 10, 2008

    While we were in LA we had the pleasure of meeting these fine gentlemen and also seeing them in the field ourselves.  I am almost finished editing most of the video interviews we ...


    Day Game Street Pickups

    img Posted October 30, 2008

    I just found this fairly new video on day game.  Being that I have absolutely no skill in day game, I am always amazed to watch guys cold approach women on the street. Day game re ...