100 Best ‘Pickup and Dating’ Articles of 2010

Best of 2010

We at TSB Magazine would like to thank everyone for making 2010 our best year ever. ?We have a lot of great stuff in store for you in 2011.

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Here is a list of some of our most popular pickup and dating articles from 2010.


1.?Great Moments in Text History (the new cocky funny)

2. Girls that Won’t Have Sex

3. What to Say After the Opener

4. How to Get a Girl Like You

5. Body Language Signs that a Girl Likes You

6. Approaching: The Cue Ball Effect

7. The Real Reason You’re Not Approaching Women


8. 6 Traits of Good Conversation Topics

9. How to Pay Attention when Approaching Women

10. ?3 Tips for Day Game Success

11. How to Set Up the Next Date

12. 10 Most Dangerous Sex Mistakes (part 1)

13. 10 Most Dangerous Sex Mistakes (part 2)


14. How to Become the Dominant Alpha Male

15. How to Attract Younger Women

16. How to Touch a Girl without Being Creepy

17. Peacocking with Celebrity Bracelets

18. 3 Laws of Text Flirting

19. The Long Term Solution to Gaming

20. Turning Friends into Lovers

21. Sexual Attraction in Conversations

22. Video: 3 Conversation Tips

23. The?Psychology?Behind Rejection

24. ?Video: Conversation Examples

25. Understand Female Pyschology


25. ?Big Mistakes Using PUA Openers (part 3)

26. The Top 5 Reasons You Suck with Women

27. A Jedi Mind Trick to Turn Her On

28. Big Mistakes Using PUA Openers (part 2)

29. How to Stop Women From Flaking

30. How to Avoid the Biggest Approaching Mistakes (part 1)

31. Getting Over Your Fear of Escalation

32. How to Compliment a Girl Before Ejecting

33. Overcoming One-Itis

34. 3 Questions About Creating the Vibe


35. Using Jealousy to Turn a Friend into a Girlfriend

36. Six Pillars of Self Esteem (part 3)

37. How to Approach a Girl Anywhere

38. 3 Ingredients of Taking Action

39.?How to Make A Female Friend Become Your Girlfriend

40. Approaching Girls on the Dance Floor

41. ?Internalizing Game and the Instincts of a Natural

42. The Inner Game of Approaching Women

43. ?Six Pillars of Self Esteem (part 2)

44. Six Pillars of Self Esteem (part 1)

45. The First Five Minutes of a Date

46. How to Increase Your Chances of Getting Laid


47. ?The Mindset for Dating Younger Women

48. Qualifying: A Powerful Way to Attract Women

49. Are Your Pickups Missing “Sexual Intent”

50. Advanced Qualification Guide

51. Social Isn’t Sexy

52. On Being Normal

53. 4 Best Ways to Touch a Woman You Just Met


54. Living Well is the Best Revenge

55. 5 Tips for Achieving Sustainable Happiness

56. How to Increase Your Attractiveness to a Female Friend

57. 5 Myths of Getting Laid

58. How to Make Younger Women Want You

59. 7 Villains of Day Game (part 2)

60. 7 Villains of Day Game (part 1)

61. “Just Be Yourself?!?!?!”

62. 6 Steps to Get Out of the Friend Zone

63. How to Kiss a Girl

64. Push Pull: A Powerful Way to Trigger Attraction


65. Push Button Dating Preview Training

66. 16 Classic “College Game” Articles

67. Day Game: Getting Phone Numbers

68. 7 Deadly Sins of Day Game

69. ?5 Vital Men’s Fashion Laws

70. Be a Champ: ?Living with Intention

71. Free MP3: Secrets of Daytime Dating

72. Game Changing Articles on How to Attract Women

73. ?Day Game Openers

74. Flawless Facebook Game

75. A No Nonsense Guide to Motivation

76: Free MP3: How to Bring Sex into the Conversation


77. ?How to Handle Put Downs Like a Pro

78. What to Do to Improve Your Inner Game

79. How ?I Stopped Being Afraid of Women

80. How to Pick a Good Venue

81. ?How to Clinch Your Inner Game

82. 5 Steps to Make You a Real Man

83. Learn by the Seat of Your Pants


84. The Truth About Looks, Money, and Game

85. Credo of a Confident Man

86. Online Dating vs. Pickup

87. 4 Simple Steps to Online Dating Success

88. How to Give a Great Compliment


89. When and Where to Pickup Women

90. An Attraction Building Technique

91. Getting Over the Fear of Hot Women

92. Getting Over Your Biggest Crush

93. How to Get Over Pickup Rust

94. 4 Fatal Mistakes Guys Make with Women


95. ?5 Types of Guys Who Study Success But Never Achieve It

96. 5 Everyday Choices That Affect Your Fate with Women

97. Don’t Worship Women

98. 8 “Good Boyfriend” Traits Killing Your Game

99. Destroying the 4 Pickup Myths

100. Mistakes to Avoid on Dates

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